Gamma Chapter

Mississippi State Organization of the The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Key Women Educators of Meridian & Lauderdale County, Mississippi


      Envisioned by Dr. Annie Webb Blanton as a medium through which women leaders in education might gain recognition, the Delta Kappa Gamma Society was founded at the Faculty Women's Club in Austin, Texas, on May 11, 1929.  On August 19 of that year, Texas granted the Chapter and incorporated papers to the central organization in Austin.

     From the beginning, Dr Blanton conceived the structure of the society as comprising three levels -- chapter, state, and national--all loosely integrated and regulated.  When units of Delta Kappa Gamma were organized outside the United States, the term "International supplemented "National."  The word "Society" now refers to the overall parent, central organization, and total membership.

     The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International (DKG) is a professional honorary Society of women educators.  The Society's Mission is to promote professional and personal growth of its members and excellence in education.

   In 1929, Dr. Annie Webb Blanton and eleven educators from Texas created the Delta Kappa Gamma Society. Since then, the Society has grown internationally to include seventeen countries with over 76,000 members. 

   Five years after the Society was created, national president, Miss Norma Smith, organized Zeta State (Mississippi). 

   In November, 1938, Gamma Chapter was established to serve key women educators in Meridian and Lauderdale County. 

   The sisters of Gamma Chapter, Mississippi State Organization (formerly Zeta State) welcome you to our website.